Drawing Thin in Stud

published on 10/05/07 at 12:48 pm

PokerPlasm.comPay careful attention to the cards that have been folded. If you have three clubs on your first four cards but there have been four clubs in the hands of your opponents, drawing to a flush is not going to be a profitable play. If you are going for a straight, make sure that there are plenty of cards that can make your straight that are still available. Nothing is more disastrous than putting in money to catch a card when all of the cards of that rank are out and you are drawing dead.

By the same token, try to be aware of how live your opponents are drawing. Even if an opponent is showing three cards to a flush, it is just as unlikely that he has it or will make it if most of the clubs are dead as it would be if you were trying to make it.

Seven card stud is a complex game, with many pieces of poker strategy to know and traps to dodge. Use the above ideas to help you stay out of the most basic traps, and then try to discover some more on your own to really get a handle on your seven card stud games.

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