Badugi Strategy Tips – Four are Better than Three

published on 10/09/07 at 7:22 am

PokerPlasm.comBadugi is a low, triple draw poker game consisting of the best four-card low hand being declared the winner. It’s commonly played with the pot-limit and fixed-limit betting structures, and it offers fun and fast action to competitors. If and all of this sounds familiar Texas Holdem poker has gone flat, then you’re in the right place to grab some strategy tips.

For starters, you’re aiming for Badugi. The lowest possible four-card hand, an A-2-3-4 unsuited will get the job done for you every time. The hand cannot contain any cards of the same nomination or the same suit. For example, with Ah-Ac-2d-3d in your hand, your best Badugi hand would actually be the two-card hand A-2.

As the draw continues and you look to build, or in this case it may be appropriate to say “tear down” towards Badugi, at the very least you’re attempting to create a low four-card hand. Remember, any four-card hand is better than any three-card hand, so standing pat with any four isn’t necessarily a bad move in this branch of poker.

If you find that you’re on the third draw and you’re still working towards your four-card hand, your focus should shift to the play of your opponents. If someone has been standing pat from the go, they’re either bluffing or they have a four-card hand that may very well destroy anything else at the showdown. You don’t want to get into a betting war if a player has proven to show excellent hands after standing pat consistently. It’s best to get out early rather than chase the low draw, shedding chips along the way.

Instead of chasing Badugi, you want to manufacture a four-card hand. Oftentimes a four-card hand of unsuited high value will win pots because players continue to chase a low four-card hands and end up with pairs and suits on their final draw. Don’t be greedy.

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