Shut The Jester Up Series

published on 09/20/07 at 10:02 am

Shut The Jester Up Series

Excerpt from the September 2007 PokerPlasm Europa issue,

What are the biggest differences between UK/European poker and the US style?
The biggest difference for me is the level of bad attitude and misplaced self belief the Yanks have as opposed to UK players, I’d rather not discuss the continental types as they are nothing more than froggy snail eaters and idiot Krauts. So yeah the UK poker player is more shrewd and has better manners where the Yanks are all talk and mainly scum. English players are the best in the world, except for Dave Devilfish, he has spent too long with the Yanks and is as irritating and full of crap as they are now.

So to recap, the English are the best, followed by the Scandinavians (they only have 3 hours of sunlight so make good poker players) and the worst players are the Yanks. And to further clarify my statement, that includes PokerPlasm and World Forum Poker members who my research has proved are 97% scum and terrible players as well as awful people.

Anyone getting tired of listening to The Jester?

We are sick and tired of his constant yapping, and are willing to pay to have him shut it! And well…here is your chance. On October 4th and October 5th, you will have a shot at taking out The Jester. The Freeroll Event on October 4th will have $50 in prizes, a PokerPlasm t-shirt bounty on The Jester’s head, and the winner will also receive a signed autographed picture of The Jester and a PokerPlasm t-shirt. The Buyin Event on October 5th will have $20 added to the prizepool, a PokerPlasm t-shirt and $10 bounty on The Jester’s head, and the winner will also receive a signed autographed picture of The Jester and a PokerPlasm t-shirt.

Oh and by the way, the PokerPlasm Europa article has been getting so much (bad) press for The Jester, his lawyers have actually tried to withdraw it!

From Beasley & Drabble Associates (legal representatives of Lee “The Jester” Cambell),

The quotes used in the PokerPlasm Europa magazine article were taken out of context. We are discussion with the publishing house and asking that they withdraw this article, and offer a full unconditional apology, as well as an out of court settlement to compensate for tarnishing this great gentleman’s reputation.

So come on out and let’s teach The Jester what us Yanks are made of on the poker table!

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7 Responses to “Shut The Jester Up Series”

  1. Jester not home

    Sep 20th, 2007

    You’ll teach me nothing, I am the greatest this site has seen and the world, except Michael Grecko. He is a good guy and I have yet to beat him.


  2. ffcowboy76

    Sep 20th, 2007

    Jester, you have yet to beat me. I do believe I was once the winner of the PokerPlasm Head Up Tournament that you proclaimed was yours for the taking. I’m more than looking forward for this event, I just hope I’m not working.

  3. RC

    Sep 20th, 2007

    Jester, i look forward to giving you another chance to take me out, something you are still yet to do, either in real life, or on the poker table. Mind you i don’t think i want to take you out, last time i did that it left me feeling dirty and unsatisfied.


  4. darKPlay

    Sep 21st, 2007

    I like the cut of yur jib Jester. You seem to talk straight and to the point and I like that. I know I am the current PokerPlasm Champion of Champions but I would bow to your majesty and down right devilish good looks and sweet odour.

    I love everyone equally, but The Jester is the best!


  5. admin

    Sep 21st, 2007

    I rarely comment on our own pieces, but I need to on this one. The Jester is all talk, no walk… He won’t get close to making the Top 10.

  6. TVsJester

    Sep 23rd, 2007

    Thanks DP, the jester will win for you.

    FFcowboy, yada yada

  7. Jester not home

    Sep 24th, 2007

    darkplay knows his onions. I will win it for him. Viva la DP

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