Six Ways To Make A Profit Playing Micro Limit Poker

published on 08/24/07 at 10:29 am

It’s all very well to have the roll to play high stakes poker and prove your star status, but for some just playing the game on a modest budget for some entertainment and perhaps, profit, is equally worthwhile. Down in the depths of the fish tank the waters are a bit muddier and there is a far greater variety of predators and prey, so navigating those waters and managing to come out on top requires some slightly different strategies.

At the micro limits you are likely to encounter some pretty amazing fish. The profits come easier but the beats are often bad enough to make some wonder why they play. Here are six ways for making long term profits if your budget is restricted to the lowest available limits.

  1. Never slow play a big hand
    If you thought there were fish at higher limits you would not believe the amount of fishing that goes on at micro. Any two card bingo is commonplace and you certainly don’t want to be left wondering “what if” after you let someone into a pot for 5 cents with 5 2 off suit and they cracked your set of aces with a wheel. If you have a big hand bet the hell out of it. You would be surprised at some of the loose calls you get because it is so cheap.
  2. Don’t assume someone else’s all in means they have a big hand
    Lots of lesser players think any pair is good for an all in. If you have AK or AQ there is a good chance you have a coin flip pre flop. Use your discretion. I tend to chuck those hands away in that situation in a cash game simply because I can always find a better entry point with better position down the track and I don’t need to risk my stack on what will essentially amount to a draw.
  3. Play lots of connectors, suited and otherwise
    For some reason, inexperienced players (and there are lots at low limits) tend not to see the more exotic hole cards you might be carrying. Players will tend to over bet strong high cards like A 10 suited to a low flop like 7 4 6 and if you happened to play 5 3 of diamonds you will often get paid off because nobody wants to believe you played that hand.
  4. Steer clear of bluffing
    You will be able to pull off the occasional bluff dependant upon the table make up but in general micro players are too inexperienced to know when to lay a hand so your skill and timing with a bluff may be wasted on them. Bet when you have it and be prepared to throw away marginal hands you would play at higher levels. Since it’s easier to get paid when you have it, you may as well have it.
  5. Play shorter sessions and multiple tables
    The longer you sit at any one table the higher your chances of getting donked by an inexperienced player or a loose fish. If you win an all in and double up, move to another table to lock in your profits, unless you have a table with some really tasty fish on board that will continue to reload and make donations to your roll.
  6. Take player notes at every opportunity
    Lots of low limit players are too lazy to take notes but their plays are so patterned that it’s financially lucrative to pay attention and make notes on anyone who demonstrates obvious playing tendencies. Not only will it make profits easier to find at your favourite sites but it is an extremely healthy habit for when you get to the higher limits.

Crazy Snake is a professional sports handicapper and amateur poker player. He has made a profit year after year through his knowledge of Aussie Rules Football, NFL, tennis, and golf. He is a senior writer for

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