How to Play Deuce to Seven Triple Draw

published on 08/29/07 at 6:04 am

PokerPlasm.comThe Basics of Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Triple draw belongs to the family of lowball poker games, that features four betting rounds and three drawing opportunities. Similar to five-card draw, every player is dealt five cards facedown. During each drawing round, each player will have the chance to make a bet.

Like many poker variations, there are mandatory bets made by the small and big blind. During the first two betting rounds, the minimum bet must be equal to the amount of the big blind. During the final two betting rounds, the minimum bet must be at least double the amount of the big blind. The first betting round takes place after the initial deal. The other three betting rounds correspond to the three different drawing rounds.

Players can draw as many cards as they want during each round. After the final round of betting takes place, each player shows his hand. The lowest hand wins. Get used to thinking low. The nut-low in deuce to seven triple draw is 2-3-4-5-7. If you have the lowest possible straight (2-3-4-5-6) you will have a high-value hand. This straight isn’t viewed as a 6-low hand. Straights and flushes will hurt your ability to form the lowest possible hand. A straight is worse than two pair or trips, so it’s important that you suspend any urge to chase after straight-draws. Just think of traditional Texas Holdem hand rankings, and value these hands in reverse order.

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