Tactics in PL Omaha

published on 05/22/07 at 2:22 pm

PokerPlasm.comBecause of the above, many tactics that are crucial to no-limit Texas holdem success are almost entirely useless in Omaha. Bluffing is possible in pot limit Omaha, but it is extremely dangerous, much more dangerous than in holdem, because it is so likely that one of your opponents holds the nut hand and cannot be bluffed. Generally you should only attempt a bluff if you are in late position, few people remain in the pot, and they have shown great weakness.

A poker strategy tactic like slow playing also should be used very infrequently. Even if you flop the nuts, there are a horde of turn cards that will give the nuts to someone else. For example, you hold Ah Kh 8s 8c and the flop comes 8d 7s 3s. You hold the best hand. However, any spade that does not pair the board will give an opponent a winning flush. Any 4, 5, 6, 9, T or J may give an opponent a straight that beats you, and any over card could give an opponent a higher set. You must make opponents pay to draw out on you. Winning the pot uncontested in this situation is a fine result in pot limit Omaha.

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