Hangers in PL Omaha

published on 05/12/07 at 10:21 am

PokerPlasm.comIn Texas holdem, the value of your hand is very straightforward. Two aces are two aces, no matter what color they are. In Omaha, a hand like As Ac 3d 6h should probably be thrown away, and you would certainly not raise with such a hand in a full pot limit Omaha poker game. A hanger is a card that does not fit into your hand, and they are deadly in Omaha. You should be looking to play hands where all your cards are active, such as double suited hands (hands where you can make flushes in two different suits) wraparound straight draws (for example 9 T J Q) or some combination of pairs and draws (for example Ks Kc Qs Jh). Remember that in all forms of Omaha, hand selection is key, even more so than in Texas holdem.

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