Understanding Hand Strengths in PL Omaha

published on 04/20/07 at 8:05 pm

PokerPlasm.comIn a typical Texas holdem game, a single pair may be good enough to win the pot. This almost never happens in Omaha. Consider that each player has four cards, and you may be up against 8 or 9 opponents. With 36 cards against you, the likelihood that none of your opponents can do better than match one card on the board is infinitesimal. In fact, you very often need the nuts to win an Omaha hand. If there are three of a suit on the board, not only is a flush guaranteed to win, you will usually need the ace high flush to take it down. If the board is paired, you can bet someone has a full house. Hands worse than three of a kind are worthless in Omaha and should be thrown away routinely, and even three of a kind will often be beaten.

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