Middle Stages of a SnG – The Short Stacks

published on 02/15/07 at 8:24 pm

PokerPlasm.comThe middle stages of a sit and go poker game are the time you want to build chips and arm yourself for the late stages of play. Use your selective aggression to pick up pots and trap less experienced players. This will set you up to end in the money once the number of players gets short.

Be careful when you play poker against short stacks. These players know that time is short, and they are looking for an excuse to get all their chips in and double up. Make sure you are prepared for this eventuality when you get involved in a pot with them. Keep an eye on the chip stacks relative to the blinds. Even players who are not the shortest stacks are likely to get more aggressive if the blinds are starting to threaten them. In fact, if your chip stack is getting short relative to the blinds you may need to step up your game and get more aggressive, even if there are shorter stacks around you.

In contrast, even if you are the shortest stack at the table, if you have many times the amount of your chips in blinds, you may be able to afford to wait for a decent hand, if not a monster. When you do get that hand though, push all your chips in. Survival is not a strategy that will be effective here. The blinds are rising, the players are building up their stacks, and you need to get chips fast.

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