K/P Betting Structure

published on 02/26/07 at 8:37 pm

PokerPlasm.comK/P means “Kill pot.” You are more likely to see a kill pot poker game in a live casino, usually in an Omaha hi-lo game. The idea behind a kill pot is that if one player wins a certain amount of money on one hand, the amount varying according to the stakes of the game, the stakes double for the next round. If a player wins the kill amount in that round, the game stays a kill pot, if not, it goes back to regular stakes.

Players like kill pots because it enables them to pump up the action in their game, and also makes it possible for a lucky player to go on a serious roll, since the winner of a kill pot is committed to post a blind for the next, double stakes round. Although everyone loves to win a big pot, entering a pot just because it is a kill is not recommended. Your edge comes from the occasions when you have a big hand in a kill pot, and other players feel committed to call your bets due to the large pot size.

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