Billabong Poker Strategy

published on 01/04/07 at 8:15 pm

Billabong is a poker game that combines elements of Omaha and Stud. As in Omaha, there is a small and big blind, and each player is dealt four cards. As in Stud, there are exposed up cards. In this case, one of each player’s four hole cards is face up. Players can call the blind, raise, or fold. Once all the players who wish to remain in the hand have called, there is a three card flop. Players bet, then there is a turn card, a bet, a river card and a final bet. All players still in the hand then show down their hands. Players make their best poker hand using their hole cards plus no more than two of the community cards.

If you are used to playing Omaha or Hold’em, remember the value of knowing all the up cards. Unlike traditional community card games, most of your hand is going to be made up by your hole cards, so it is not easy to determine the best possible hands just by looking at the board. Take note not only of your opponents’ up cards, but of the up cards that may have been folded by players no longer in the hand. Remember, the board will not give you many clues as to the strength your hand needs to be to win. In a Omaha or Hold em poker game, if the board is not paired, the best possible hand is a flush. If the board is not paired and there are fewer than three of a suit on board, the best possible hand is three of a kind or a straight. In Billabong, nearly any hand is possible no matter what is on the board.

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