Advantages & Disadvantages Playing Five Card Draw

published on 12/05/06 at 7:45 am

Since no cards are exposed, five card draw is a game of very limited information. The only information you really have is how many cards your opponents draw, and whether or not they bet. For this reason, reading skills are paramount in five card draw. If you are great at reading potential opponents for strength or weakness, you will have a big advantage at five card draw. Since there are only two betting rounds, it’s hard to commit too much money to a single pot, although with the presence of antes and the fact that no one is quite sure the strength of their poker hand relative to their opponents’ hands, you can still win a nice pot. Make too many mistakes though, and you’ll go just as broke as in any other game.

With only two betting rounds, there’s not too much room for creativity in a five card draw poker game, although Mike “the Mad Genius” Caro has become a legend through his five card draw creativity, so it is possible. Also it’s tough to employ your poker math skills to great effect, since information is so limited. It’s tough to find a draw poker game to play in. In fact, in the current boom for Texas Holdem, few poker rooms still spread five card draw, so your best bet to find it is at home or online. Still, if you do find it somewhere, you might want to give it a shot just to add to your poker experience. It’s unlikely you can make a living at it these days though.

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