Scooping with High and Low Nuts

published on 11/12/06 at 10:25 pm

The most important key to success in any Omaha hi-lo poker game is being extremely selective with which hands you play. You have nearly the entire deck against you so if there is a best hand to be had, someone is likely to have it. Therefore you should only enter a pot with a hand that can become the nuts (best hand) for both high AND low. Your goal in Omaha hi-lo is to “scoop”, or win both halves of the pot. The idea is that you will either find out very quickly on the flop whether you can make the nut hand. If you cannot, you can get out quickly, and if you can, you have a chance to win a very large pot and will likely win at least half the pot if you don’t.

If you start by restricting yourself only to hands that contain an ace, you are off to a good start. An ace can play both high and low so it is by far the most powerful card in an Omaha hi-lo poker game. Someone will have one every hand you play, why not make sure it is you?

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One Response to “Scooping with High and Low Nuts”

  1. Grinder

    Nov 13th, 2006

    Remember this saying when playing LO8.

    If you can’t scoop, the hand is poop.

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