How to Play Hands without an Ace

published on 11/23/06 at 11:08 pm

In an Omaha hi-lo poker game, the only hands that can be considered low draws are hands that have two cards between ace and five. A six in your hand is not going to make you a winning low very often. The farther apart your low cards are, the less powerful your hand is. You can certainly play very powerful all high hands, such as Ah As Kh Ks. You will want to bet these hands very heavily to force out low draws or make them pay.

A hand like Kh Js 9s 2d is an example of an unplayable hand. You have no low draw, and your flush draw is not the nut flush so if you make it you will likely lose to a higher flush. You want all your cards working together, preferably with both high and low possibilities, such as A-2-3-K.

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