High Cards Are Bad Cards

published on 10/02/06 at 12:35 pm

If you are going to play Razz, the main thing to remember is that “paint” kills your hand. Paint means any face card, so named for the extra amount of ink on these cards. You should never enter a Razz hand if you have any paint in your first three cards. Similarly, a pair is very bad for your Razz hand. Of course, you should always be paying attention to the cards your opponents are showing. Remember, your opponent cannot make his low hand without using at least two of the cards that are showing, so it is possible at times in Razz to determine the best possible hand your opponent can be holding. This is a sharp contrast to high seven card stud, when any opponent may have four of a kind on the river even if they have absolutely nothing showing on their board.

You probably will have difficulty finding a casino Razz game by itself. A few online poker rooms feature Razz but not many. Your best bet is to get involved in a mixed game, or try playing it at home with your friends. If you do decide to play Razz, remember to be very selective about your starting hands, and always keep a close eye on your opponents’ up cards.

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