Mental Preparation

published on 08/19/06 at 10:27 am

There’s no point showing up to a game not prepared to lose. Always sit with what you are prepared to lose and not a penny more. Playing scared is the surest way to guarantee long term losses. If you can’t pull the trigger best learn to be a tiddly winks world champion.

As Phil Ivey put it, “You cannot be a good poker player without a certain disregard for money.”

Play at your comfort level and enjoy yourself. Mental warfare is a lot more fun than tiddly winks anyway.

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One Response to “Mental Preparation”

  1. The Jester

    Aug 31st, 2006

    scared money is lost money. I said this a while ago but in light of this I will say it again. If you are in a live game, being confident comes out in your body language and if you believe you can win you will play your best game. You will play better poker and stay calm. Never play in a cash game and sit with your entire bankroll (br) and never enter a tourney with money you need for bills or food, there are plenty of 5 dollar MTTs which offer great prizes and the same excitement.


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