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published on 03/29/06 at 11:21 pm

Every now and again a special opportunity comes along. PokerPlasm is not in the habit of heavy promoting, preferring to rest on content and community, but when something particularly exciting arises we like to change hats, and this is such a time.

Some of you may have heard whispers about a new concept in online poker. PokerPlasm has managed to secure for its members a very special introduction into the world of online poker equity ownership. Now all that rake you once paid to someone else can help you to build wealth while you play at your chosen hobby.

Players will literally own a piece of the poker site, hard equity ownership, NOT a profit sharing scheme, NOR a participation of profits that go into a trust. Every time you log on and play, you will receive a credit back of 50% of all of the rake you paid and the entry fee you paid, in the form of stockholder equity ownership in the site. Even if you stop playing on the site, you will still retain the shares you have earned and will continue to receive dividends (with a distribution of a minimum of 50% of all profits derived, to shareholders on a quarterly basis). No other site is like this!

We are pleased to announce a new affiliate that we have been able to secure, through a fellow PokerPlasm member, poker professional, and now online poker entrepreneur, Dan Hofinger. It is called, and the concept of this online site is completely original.

And to sweeten the deal, signing up through the attached link will qualify you for an exclusive introductory freeroll, the details of which will be announced soon.

Click here to sign up to

You will notice the link goes to Imperial Poker. This is due to the takeover of the site by The branding will change as the current site patrons become aware of the change in ownership.

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