A Jester’s Tale

published on 03/28/06 at 8:42 am

Film Release Statement

Lee Civico-Cambell.
AKA TV’s The Jester.
Love him or hate him his status in the poker world is confirmed.

Be present at the birth of the maniacal monster that poker spawned, as he attempts to storm the world of celebrity poker and TV fame.

A tale of struggle, a tale of drama, a tale like no other.


Follow one of poker’s most controversial characters on his rise to glory, in this fly-on-the-wall documentary that goes deep behind the facade to reveal the TRUTH behind the Jester’s persona.

PokerPlasm.com is pleased to announce, coming soon to DVD, a film based on the extraordinary poker life of Lee Civico-Cambell AKA TV’s The Jester.


Can’t wait? Watch the trailer NOW in proud association with PokerPlasm.com.

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9 Responses to “A Jester’s Tale”

  1. Ricardo Lacombe

    Mar 29th, 2006

    I wonder if the mighty Jester himself may appear here to comment on his own film?!

    Does he have a message for the fans?
    Or better still…does he have a message to newcomers who do not know his worldy talents?

  2. The Jester

    Mar 30th, 2006


    While I have yet to see the full film, I understand it will show me in my full glory. For those unaware of me or my talents, where have you been?

    I am the new hope for poker, I am good looking, a great guy and more than this I am amazing at poker. Phil Helmuth and Annie Duke had a lot of good things to say about me after training me. Devilfish didn’t like me because he knew that I would take over as the face of English poker.

    If you want to know how great I am just ask Mad Marty Wilson, who I have beat a few times, who will tell you how great I am.

    Please watch the trailer and if you have any questions you can check out my website (blog) http://www.manfishcake.blogspot.com or get in touch right here at PokerPlasm.com where a lot of my fans hang out.

    all the best

    The Jester

  3. Dave Winson

    Mar 31st, 2006

    Jester, The trialer looks cool man. Enjoyed your performance on the show so I look forward to seeing the movie and getting to know more about ‘The Jester’.

  4. Teri Zimmer

    Mar 31st, 2006

    I’m just getting to know the mighty ‘Jester’. Cannot wait to see the whole movie. Where can I buy it from? You have a release date yet?



  5. John Winson

    Mar 31st, 2006

    Got into poker via my son. The Jester’s a good Sheffield Lad. Hope you make somthing of it. It’s a great game.

  6. Steve Brown

    Apr 1st, 2006

    This looks really original and funny!. Poker seems to have really caught on in the UK so making a movie about it is a cool idea. Does anyone know about a realease date??

  7. The Jester

    Apr 1st, 2006

    If any one you people are in or near Sheffield then I will give you a game/lesson. Not only am I a great player I am a great teacher of the game. I find the best way to teach is to take money from my students.

    Nice to see some positive feedback for once instead of all the cry baby rubbish I see from everyone I have beaten.

    The Jester

  8. Rayman3917

    Apr 10th, 2006

    If the trailer is anything to go by can’t wait to see the whole film. Maybe I will be able to learn a thing or two from the Jester!

    Great soundtrack too!

  9. The Jester

    Apr 12th, 2006


    You can indeed learn much from the Jester, from how I play poker to how I conduct myself in my personal life.

    Drop me a line and I will help you.

    all the best

    The Jester

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